Chetan Gongidi

Senior COMP SCI student at UNC-CH Real Estate Licensee Assistant @ UNC E-Sports lounge

Entry into the Cybersecurity sector

Hello! I will be graduating in the spring with a COMP-SCI BA and I am interested in the Cybersecurity field. I was curious if anyone knows what sort of qualifications (Certs, experiences, technologies) would be good to know/have to look more appealing when applying for jobs and what would be good to know for the interviews if I get any.

Currently, I am thinking about just starting off with some software development after graduating and work towards getting into cybersecurity after a few years, but I'm not sure how easy that would be.

 I also wanted to know if anyone has any recommendations for good quality companies in the cybersecurity and software development fields that aren't the big tech companies (i.e. Apple, Microsoft, IBM). Thanks!
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