Shashank Polanki

Founder and Software Engineer
I've founded Matchbox.VC and was a software engineer at Okta.
I would shoot for Google in my junior year of school so that you can get your return offer if things go well. Use Freshman and Sophomore year to lay down the foundation: practice leetcode, get research experience, or on-campus work experience related to cs as leverage to get internships and build up your resume.
I think working in the cybersecurity space is a good start. I know some people who go and do a masters in the subject as well. Crowdstrike is a pretty cool cybersecurity company worth checking out.
Hey Kevin, check out Leetcode's Interview section. PrampΒ is also solid.Β 
Really depends on the company. I'd say practice medium problems in the 30%-60% acceptance rate for the most part.